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What does it do?

This unit is a neuromuscular reprogramming unit designed to instantly train muscles to optimal capacity and load-bearing ability, similar to ARP Wave therapy, but better. When we get injured, it's because only a portion of our muscles respond in lengthening and absorbing stress loads. This is not optimal. In order to be completely injury proof and pain resistant, our muscles need to be firing 100% percent of the time, or very close at least. In doing so, we are not only creating permanent changes in muscle and soft tissue behavior, but also preparing our bodies to sustain loads on a level you have yet to experience. This is the key to remaining injury free and staying out of pain.  


The Unit

This unit is able to deliver 500 pulses a second of neural retraining which removes pain patterns stored in the central nervous system and creates new and healthy neural networks in the body. It comes standard with microcurrent capabilities for cellular regeneration and increases cell function up to 40%. This is a very unique device, and no, it's NOT a tens unit. Tens units, at best, temporarily eliminate symptoms of pain, but they do not correct problems. This device is clinical grade, and is a master at changing the nerual dynamics of anyone suffering from pain. It instantly improves posture, reverses pain and injury, and stimulates parasympathetic response which promotes healing and energy like you haven't felt before. 

The Application

Unlike other devices which require the patient to remain still while recieving neuro stim, this treatment requires a wide range of movement integration to eliminate compensation patterns and pathological movement behaviors like shrugging, slouching, and limping. Corrective exercises and postural analysis are key to ensuring the positive outcomes of this therapy as well as some manual soft-tissue manipulation and the way I do it is crucial to your success in this therapy. Basically, the goal is to get you doing all the things you once loved doing before, but better and more efficiently with all the stamina and complete pain resolution you can ask for. 

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