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George Osarrah, NMT, CPT

I suffered pain from injuries in my mid-teens from too much aggressive resistance training. This led to becoming stuck in a cycle of having to visit doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists with no real results. 

I graduated from Corinthian Colleges in medical massage and sports rehab in 2004 and 2015 in Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Pathology, Bodywork modalities in Western and Eastern philosophy.

In 2018, I had been researching additional modalities and found Neurotherapy. I decided to get certified and embark on training in Neurotheraphy with the doctor and creator of Phoenix Waveform, similar to the ARP Wave device but smarter and more effective. I had remarkable results for both myself and my clients and vowed to be sure that everyone eventually has one of these pocket doctors in their lives.

In 2022, I became certified as a Personal Trainer in order to integrate 3 crucial Healing Concepts:

~ Neurological Reprogramming

~ Exercise therapy for resolving motion pathologies

~ Injury Resistance​​​​

Ever wondered why we experience injury or pain, maybe even reduced flexibility whether we are competitive in the game or just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle at the gym? Yeah, so have I! It never occurred to me that pushing my performance through a healthy lifestyle could lead to unhealthy results, but it happens, and it realistically isn't supposed to happen. . . The main reason our bodies tend to cave under pressure has nothing to do with weakness, and it may not have to do with repetitive motion injury (at least not the way we view it). The main reason is due to muscles becoming neurologically inefficient and refusing to do two extremely important things; lengthen, and absorb stress. It's a phenomenon that happens in the central nervous system where the brain significantly begins to reduce communication to the muscles in order to prevent damage, but unfortunately this is what is causing damage. 


Can you imagine a mountain bike flying down a hill with no shocks in the rear and front wheel? Could you also imagine what that would feel like to the rider? Yeah, not so pretty! Without shocks, the force would end up going into all the wrong part sof the bike like the frame and joints keeping other parts together. You probably guessed where I am going with this by now. Your body is basically the same in terms of the negative effects of not having a stress absorbing component in it. Your muscles are these shock absorbers. They play a key role in making sure that your joints, ligaments, tendons and boes don't do the absorbing because this is how we end up chronically and acutely injured, guaranteed.


Our brain often stops sending signal to many muscles of the body which causes muscles to eccentrically lengthen at only a fraction of their ability. This is not good! This means force will dispurse in all the wrong parts resulting in pulled muscles, arthritis, bulging discs, dislocations and lots more. Next thing you know you end up a world cup soccer champion!!....Only on Playstation of course. And I think we can both agree the couch isn't where you belong. 

Neuro-Sport is what I decided to put together to fashion the perfect sports injury recovery tool which proves to create new permanent and healthy neurological patterns, freer range of motion, elimination of pain, and muscle stamina like you've never before experienced. It does so through neural reprogramming of how the central nervous system is percieving pain and dysfunction. Through the correct signals being reintroduced to the body, proper exercise, and a medical approach to massage, you will experience healing like you never have before while doing what you once loved doing without limitations telling you what not to do! 

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