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Don't manage pain, resolve it!
George Osarrah, NMT, CPT


If you have been struggling with chronic pain and injury for thousands of years or more, and you are tired of hearing the same thing time and time again from your providers that nothing can be done more than surgeries and meds? Then this is the time you need to be taking to continue reading on. So here is the problem with pain management and why it doesn't work. When you get fixed on treating symptoms and not problems, the problems get worse and so do the symptoms. So the provider either doesn't know what else can be done, or they simply follow the protocol they were taught, and in either case, you are left hanging out to dry with nowhere else to turn... until now! All these methods used by providers like surgeries, pain meds, and mediocre chiro, and PT care are only treating symptoms and not diving into the central nervous system removing these negatively trained neural networks. This is why you are stuck. 

With The Neuro Guy, pride is in pain RESOLUTION, not pain management. The only way to resolve any problem from a paper cut to fibromyalgia, to fitness injuries is through the nervous system directly. Everything is a signal in and a signal out, and if the signal out contains negative information, the results will not be in your favor. Much like a machine called the ARP Wave, but smarter, the Phoenix Waveform is designed to reprogram all the pain and injury patterns completely out of the body in a matter of weeks so you can finally live and move the way you were meant to, without pain. Learn more by scheduling a free phone consult today and prepare for the life you once knew without restricted and compromised health!

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